Nigel Shipley




1973 - 74 - Harrow School of Art, Fine Art Foundation

1974 - 77 -  Norwich School of Art, Fine Art BA


Recent exhibitions: 

- October 2016 HOURS gallery, Bristol (

- April 2017 Bath Art Fair

- Septemebr 2017 Other Art Fair, Bristol

- October 2017 RWA Open exhibition - selected

- July 2018 Other Art Fair, Bristol

- October 2018 HOURS Gallery Bristol



I am inspired by the black paintings of Pierre Soularges, the squeegee paintings of Gerhard Richter, and the Abstract Expressionist paintings of Franz Kline.  


My recent work is inspired by the intensity and glossiness of black Bitchumen paint. My techniques include using squeegees, pouring the paint in thick layers, or thin transparent washes of color over a white base.   I make use of the way that oil and water based paints react together to create intricate patterns that reflect those found in nature.